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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the Word of God

This is one of my favorite sights...
And honestly it took 3 tries to get the socks on the floor out of the top of the picture... ;)

I sent the picture to a friend last night and she probably thinks I am crazy. But she was sweet and said "cool". She was probably thinking...and I care why? haha But I was so excited that I just needed to share it! You ever felt that way? Like you just had to tell someone how excited you were over doing something? Not to be bragging about it or boastful or prideful or anything negative like that...just genuinely excited about it. Not to helps for someone to be there to hold you accountable on days when you want to skip! (I desperately need a Weight Watcher partner...ha!)

Then I sent my quote buddy the best quote of the day "The Word of God is alive and powerful! It remains unexciting only when we remain detached from it". Amen.

Are you detached? As a woman seeking God's own are you accomplishing that? Are you seeking Him through His Word?

Life is crazy and in most households the woman holds the keys to the organizing and stabilizing (except yesterday when I set the house alarm without giving the sitter the code and I was unavailable in a the sheriff deputy came (within 10 minutes...they rock!) - and it was utter chaos...caused by me!).

Sometimes I think women struggle with finding time to feed our spiritual growth because we are too busy tending to everyone else's every kind of growth! Do we do ourselves an injustice? I think so. If we aren't grounded in His Word our household is a sitting duck for satan to attack. The only defenses we have are in Eph 6:10-18 (or so). And the Word of God is our sword. Without it you are basically...defenseless and just deflecting the fiery darts from the evil one or running for your precious life! You can't stand in the fight for very long without a sword to fight back with!

So I ask again...are you detached??? If so, it's not too late to come to Discipleship Training!!!! =)

In Him,
Kristy =)

PS - Travis Cottrell has a new cd out and one of the songs is "the Word of God Has Spoken"...and y'all it is AWESOME!!!! Listen if you get the chance...

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