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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


God is good! Today we got awesome news from my friend Tammy. You may remember she is battling pancreatic cancer that had already metastasized to her liver when they found it in late Feb. She has fought and given it over to God and has daily declared His power and glory in her life. Today she got MRI results that were encouraging. Praise the Lord for His healing touch! She still has a battle to continue but she is making progress and God is providing the healing and holding her in His “righteous right hand” along the way! (Isa 41:10)

Do you know what time it is???? It is TIME for Fall Discipleship Training classes to begin! Yay!!!! I am so excited this year because we are re-offering Beth Moore’s “Jesus the One and Only”. I can’t wait to see her hair! LOL It is an old one but somehow I missed doing it. There are two other good options but I can’t remember the names…sorry! If someone knows please post a comment. =)

Speaking of Beth Moore…the Simulcast was AWESOME! I took my 10 year old daughter because she has been asking for years to go see Beth and Travis, but I have been afraid to take her on an overnight trip for fear of her getting restless. She is a very mature 10 so I opted to try this one and aside from having to explain what the word pornography meant (thanks Beth! Ha)…she had a BLAST! She is dying now to go on a two day trip…lol She proudly wore her Living Proof t-shirt to school today. And thank y’all for the prayers for strength…I managed to watch a good bit of my little man’s baseball games and still only miss a wee bit of Beth’s speaking! It was truly a miracle from above! =) And Princeton Church of God was a great host site! I hope they will host again in the future! The way they set everything up was just perfect! I liked it much better than previous Simulcast sites I have attended. And there were some homemade chocolate chip cookie/oreo cookie/brownie bars that I would fight you over…so delicious!!!

Don’t forget to sign up for the 5K (link is at the top of the blog page).

Tomorrow is church night…come get refilled!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. Hey Kristy, Yes I am doing better by the strength of God. Isaiah 41:10 has become a life verse. With all that said I couldn't have made it with as much ease if it hadn't been for my sisters in Christ. Encouraging words and support seem to come when I most need them. I am so thankful for sisters to share this journey with.

    and I too am excited about the return of discipleship studies. The other two are The Mind of Christ (T.W. Hunt & Claude V. King) and Jesus on Leadership - Developing Servant Leaders (C. Gene Wilkes)
    Yes it coincides with the start of BSF which will keep me double busy in the word....but I love it. I haven't decided on which one yet. I love Beth Moore but I am gonna pray and let God lead me on this one.

    I think it is wonderful that Peyton went with you! Go Peyton. Hope she enjoyed it. Maybe I will take Maggie to one soon.