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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Book and Discipleship Training

I finished a book in record time (less than 2 nights!). Heaven is for REAL. It is about a preschooler who has an emergency appendectomy and the months/years following the procedure he talks of going to heaven and back in great detail…things he had no other way to know. It was a very easy book to read and it is full of hope. My sister-in-law that lost her premature baby girl recently bought everyone in the family a copy. It speaks of miscarried babies and it absolutely gave her hope that she wanted to share with us. As you can imagine…I cried through a good bit of the book. It is an amazing event to read about. If you don’t have anything reading right now…check it out! You can borrow my copy when Travis finishes. =)

I am so excited about discipleship training starting Sunday night! If you don’t get our emails at church I will throw in my testimony at the bottom of this post so you can understand why I get so excited – it is long winded like everything else about me…but you might get something from it so I will include it! If you are here from another church and your church does not offer any classes…come with us Sunday nights at 6pm. We would love to have you!

That is all I wanted to share today...have a great wet weekend!

In Him,
Kristy =)

Email to WMBC:
Sunday starts our Discipleship Training Fall Session.

For those of you who might not know...Discipleship Training classes are offered soley to give you a way to draw closer to Jesus. Some folks can study their Bible on their own with no guide necessary. Others of us (like me!) need a plan to help us stay focused on our Bible Study and fellowship with Jesus daily. Discipleship Training IS that plan.

I wanted to share a brief testimony (those who know me well however know that there is no way for me to do anything "brief") so indulge me...I spent many adult years thinking that I was doing good as a Christian. Saved as a teen but never "growing up" in church, I was a good parent intending to raise my children in a church family so they would have the support that I did not. Overall...I was a regular Sunday attender and thought I had the church thing down pat. Then I went to a Discipleship Training course offered at WMBC and realized I was CLUELESS! I was actively "doing" church and volunteering to help out at church but I knew nothing about a relationship with Jesus. I expected Pastor Billie to provide me what I needed to live as a Christian in his sermons. And I took really good notes!

My relationship with Jesus was about as close as my relationship with my hair dresser. Y'all I like her A LOT...and have been going to her for hair cuts since I was four years old. She would kill me for telling you that is over 30 years! Can't imagine anyone else cutting my hair. She always comes through in a hair crisis and is always a phone call away! She knows everything there is to know about every hair on my head and lots of personal details of MY life. But...I have no clue what her favorite color is, her favorite food, if she still sings in her church choir, how her kids are doing in college, etc. And that is what my relationship with Jesus was like before Discipleship Training at WMBC. I knew who Jesus was, and I liked Him a lot. He knew everything about every hair on my head, but I knew nothing personal about Him.

9 years later of Discipleship Training classes 2-3 times a year...I not only know some things about Jesus...I can quote some of His words, I can recognize His ways, I understand when I am in and out of His Will for my life, I thank Him for the 2x4 He has to use some days to get my attention...I have an active, intimate, loving relationship that I feed daily, not because I have to but because I WANT to. I desperately want to know more and have SO much more to learn! And I have found that my passion in life is to show other women what they are missing and how to get it. I don't want anyone else wasting the years I wasted focused on self instead of Jesus! If you would have told me 10 years ago I would eat, sleep and breath my Bible...I would have laughed out loud! Funny how God changes you if you ask Him...and seek Him. He is amazing. And now I can't imagine not reading my Bible cover to cover every year.

There are 3 different classes being offered this fall that ALL focus on Jesus. Get in one. You will NEVER EVER waste a minute on Bible Study. I promise. He rewards that precious time spent seeking Him in ways you could never imagine. In case you can't tell...Discipleship Training excites me. Ask me...I have so much more I could tell you...but most of you have probably stopped reading by now =) And I really am sorry it was so long. I just want you to be excited too! =)

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