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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missed you

Howdy Ladies,
I have missed you lately. Life has been super busy and posting has taken a backseat. Which reminded me of something else busyness has caused to suffer...I have fallen off pace sending my Monday morning "Phyllis Jr" emails to the Caswell girls! For those of you that didn't go with us, Phyllis Elvington challenged us to stay in His Word every day. She specifically challenged us to get in His Word before we left the house every morning. And she said she couldn't be accountable for all 300 of us so we needed accountability partners. Well I took the challenge and was sending an email every Monday morning to all 45 of our ladies with the roll call question...Did you spend time in His Word before you left home this morning?

Well....did you? =)

I know everyone is as busy as me...but stay in His Word ladies. It is crucial to survival in this world we live in. My Granny Capps used to say something like "when people get to heaven they aren't going to know how to talk to Jesus because they haven't spent this lifetime preparing for it. Some people who think they are the holiest probably won't even recognize Him because they don't know His voice and what kinds of things He says". You know...I wonder if there is truth to that. At work, I talk to a girl at RTP almost everyday. The first time I met her face to face, I picked her out of a crowd of 20 women because I knew that voice with my eyes shut. Never had a clue what she looked like...but I knew that voice and I knew she always said "awwwwwesome".

Could you pick Jesus out in a crowd? Do you know His voice? Do you know the words He says?

I think lots of times that folks are clueless what a true relationship with Jesus is...I can say that because I was clueless for SO long. And I thought I had it together. I thought I knew. I thought I was a good Jesus girl. I thought I had all the answers. I think that is the crazy part. In my heart and mind I thought I was doing GREAT. And then one day...unexpectedly...the scales lifted. And I realized I was living clueless. I ate some humble pie and it never tasted so sweet! I think that is the key to the must come humbly seeking Jesus. is a wasted effort. Pride has no place in a relationship with Him and I think that is where folks like me get all messed up. I think the first clue is...if you THINK you know enough, spend enough time, pray enough, give enough, serve might want to evaluate yourself more closely with the backdrop of the cross! It puts many things in perspective! I evaluate myself daily...and still regularly fall short...and digest more humble pie...and enjoy the sweetness of the relationship! Psalm 34:8a "Taste and see that the LORD is good"

Seek Him ladies...spend time in His Word. Know Him...don't just know of Him! (If you don't understand that there is a difference...come see me! We need to talk!)

In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. Hey Kristy,
    It's me. Still reading but haven't responded in a while. My answer to your post was yes I had spent time in His word but I have to admit I didn't this summer. I am so VERY HAPPY that BSF has restarted and that discipleship studies start this week. I need routine to keep me going and these two things offer that to me. It keeps me in His word daily. Without them I am sorry to say I do poorly.
    Thanks for all your encouragement. Keep it coming. Love you and all my WMBC sisters!