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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a sweet saddness...

Last night we celebrated the life of sweet Mrs. Peggy. Y’all it was so sad. I started crying before the family even came in the room! And I didn’t have a tissue so I had to borrow one! She reminded me sooooooo much of my Granny Capps! They could have been siblings easy! I hope when Mrs Peggy crossed over my Granny was waiting to hug her and thank her for being a part of my life.
Ooooh tears again…gotta move on! lol

And that Pastor Billie is amazing. He preaches the best funerals I have ever heard…and ask my friend Val…I have heard a lot of funerals in my short life! She used to swear I was paid by Parrish’s to be a mourner because 1) we know so many people! and 2) I am SO good at crying! Haha In all seriousness…that funeral was precious! It makes you appreciate Pastor Billie so much! And I think Beth Moore prepared me for the passing of sweet Mrs. Peggy. Sunday night in Bible Study we talked about how sometimes life just is not fair…but God is always just and in control. And I think her message held me together a little better. Still a bucket full of tears…but better! =) And the coolest thing. Mrs. Peggy had written Pastor Billie a letter with her wishes and get this…THREE of my memory verses were included in her preferred readings…I just loved that!!!

Tonight is church night…yay! I have missed two Sunday mornings in a row plus been in nursery a Wed night and prayer room a Sunday night…so I desperately NEED refilling! See ya there!

Be a blessing to someone this week!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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