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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lost Your Cutting Edge?!?

I finally got to participate again in one of my FAVORITE church activities…packing the backpack buddy bags! It is kind of silly but I just L-O-V-E putting that food together for those children. The last few weeks my hubby has been out of town so I have had to run taxi duty for the kids and we have skidded into church at 6:59pm just in time for service! But last night…I was back to packing and it brought immeasurable joy to my soul.
And this sight nearly made me lose it…just a baby feeding babies…how precious! The littlest gets it when most adults don’t!!! Melts my heart!

Last night in service Pastor Tim spoke about whether or not we have lost our “cutting edge” for Jesus. It was a really good message taken from 2 Kings Ch 6 (I think)…the story of the ax head that fell into the river and Elisha made it float to the top to be recovered. He related losing our “cutting edge” to the student’s tangible cutting edge (ie the ax head).

Ironically, I had been thinking about my cutting edge for quite some time now. A couple months ago I probably would have told you I was losing it. You see, I don’t do drama very well. My motto that hangs on my filing cabinet at work is “just put your big girl panties on and get over it”. (I think Vicki B gave that to me years ago...and I loved it!)

Anyway...I had been sucked into some drama…and I am so bad at drama that it was taking a toll on my whole life...including my spiritual walk! =(

My Granny Capps always told me that life was hard and you just needed to deal with what you were given and move on with it…that every season of life was temporary. And everything will not always be exactly the way you want it...but deal with it and move forward. Never look back on it. (She liked the Apostle Paul *wink* ). And she said don’t hold a grudge because it robs your joy and the other person doesn’t get affected one bit. You are the only one that suffers from the grudge you hold. But a few months ago…I slipped...I had a grudge because I was looking back on circumstances and I was no longer looking forward with my eyes on Jesus. I had lost my focus. And it was robbing my joy and stealing my cutting edge!

Several weeks ago I gave it over to Jesus. I started listening to the advice I tell Peyton and Caleb – “he/she is God’s child not yours…God will discipline them when the time is right…you just move on and leave it up to God to are ONLY responsible for your actions and words and no one else's”. And then my new memory verse put me over the top Ps 55:22 “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall”. And voila grudge gone…after all they are God's children not mine...satan loses and my joy has returned! Praise the Lord!!!

What about you? Have you lost your cutting edge for the Lord? Check your “spiritual toolbox” as Pastor Tim put it last night…when did you last read your Bible, pray for someone other than yourself, memorize a scripture, use your spiritual gifts for Kingdom work, etc. If you can't move on...get help! Get someone to hold you accountable for memorizing one verse...just one is all it takes to show you you can do it and you can live joyfully and victoriously! I will hound you...I mean hold you accountable... if you need it! =)

After all, the first sharpening stone for your cutting edge is the Word of God…so get back to it today if you have strayed!

And help with backpack buddies…the shelves are empty and children are hungry…

In Him,

Kristy =)

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