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Friday, October 14, 2011

SMC - Oct 15th 2011 (a little early!)

I have another funny story about the song I posted about yesterday (Strong Enough to Save). Well not really about the song but more involving the song. =) This morning I got work and that song came on as I was pulling in the parking lot at 8:04am. It is my favorite y’all so I decided I would listen to it in the car before I came in. I mean you are already 4 minutes late…what is 3 more!

When I parked I noticed a man get out of his car on the row in front of me and just stand there looking at my car. So I assumed what every good woman running late would assume…”oh dear I must have cut him off or followed him to close!” Well he continued to stare and by now the song was well into the chorus and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. So I decided to crawl out and face whatever horrible driving I had done. I got out and headed across to the building and I noticed he was gaining on me and was just about behind me (it was like a horror film in an alley!! I kid you not!!!). And then he spoke…”excuse me”. And I said “yes” with my most pleasant I-didn’t-mean-to-run-you-off-the-road-or-whatever-horrible-thing-I-did expression. And he said “I noticed your Run Disney sticker…have you run one of the Disney marathons before”? I almost fell on the concrete y’all from the anticipation and then confusion. I said “huh?” And then I was like…ummm no…a friend of mine brought it to me but I was seriously considering running there this year until I realized it was in January. So he said he was registered for January…blah blah blah….have a good day.

So that has nothing to do with anything but it was so funny…and ironic that it was the same song.

Tomorrow is the WMU Mission 5k. I am excited…the t shirts are SWEEEEEET! If you did not register you can tomorrow at 8:30am at South Smithfield Elementary….and we will probably place a late t shirt order if folks want one after the fact. I only ordered 10 extras so I wouldn’t waste money.

And in case I am crazy busy tomorrow between the 5k and baseball and my daddy coming to visit…here is my Oct 15th memory verse.

Ps 55:22 (NIV)
“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall”.


In Him,

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