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Monday, August 29, 2011

do you wear a "Power Suit"?

I am reading a new book…*gasp*! I had fallen behind on my reading because well…I don’t really know why. Normally I juggle a couple books and a Bible Study at the same time but this summer I only did the Bible study and daily Bible reading. But over the weekend we had our JBA WMU Training (in the hurricane with no participants showing up…only staff and guest speakers) and anyway bless our JBA WMU Director’s heart she brought the book store contents anyway in the wind and rain and BOY WAS I GLAD!!! I bought me a couple books for personal use and a couple for ministry. And I received the greatest blessing from sitting informally and hearing the testimonies of the guest speakers…it was truly priceless. And I am so glad I went even though I was showerless and looking thrown away!

Anyway about the book. I believe I may have mentioned that I felt satan had been attacking me every which way I turned…well guess what the book is. “Power Suit - The Armor of God Fit for the Feminine Frame”. It is based on Eph 6 putting on the armor of God - get it power suit...armor of God...yes I am tired these days :) Eph 6 last week was the ONLY thing that kept me hanging on. I have read that section of scripture so many times the last few weeks that you would pure laugh at me. Well, on Saturday afternoon by candlelight I read 2 chapters of that book in less than an hour. Y'all it is great! And it is so timely. Granted I could have used it two weeks ago as well…lol! But God provided it…just when I thought I was at my rope’s end…the rope grew longer and God assured me to STAND FIRM…even when everyone else seems to be falling away…stand FIRM! I am learning to put on the "Power Suit" in lots of circumstances! I’ll share some quotes with you later this week…but here is a teaser…
”Not acknowledging God renders us foolish and destroys our moral judgment. God will allow us to slide away from Him of our own free will when we decide to change the truth of God into a lie.”

I reiterate Pastor Billie from Sunday morning…look at where you are today…God has not moved. (How is that for a timely message to go along with my new book??? coincidence...I don't think so...I don't believe in coincidence or luck for that Divine intervention!)

God’s Word is and will always be the truth and it will never be moved or shaken. If you are not near Him...look at your footprints and trace them back to where you went astray!!! He was waiting for me when I returned with open arms….full of grace and mercy. Praise Him!

No transition for this but I am dying to tell you…it is time to start registering for the Pure Water Pure Love Mission 5K…here is a link: haha yes I need to work on my literary skills!

Please register and encourage others to register as well! If you have your own blog, or facebook or tweet or any of those other fancy modern technology things…please pass the link along =) Missionaries are relying on our financial support for clean drinking water…and we could all use a challenge to get more exercise…so sign up to walk, run, jog, stroll, etc!

One other thing…sorry this post got really long…please continue to remember my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in your prayers. We buried their first child Friday. Born prematurely and received immediately into the loving arms of Jesus. This is one of the hardest things I have watched our family suffer and feel so helpless. Sickness and death are never easy, but something about a baby never getting a chance makes it very different. God has been present all the way...and their faith has grown through the process. But it still breaks my heart for them. Your prayers are not wasted on them.

Be a blessing this week! And thank you for the privilege to serve Christ with you at WMBC! It humbles me more than you can imagine...

In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. Kristy
    I had no idea about the baby. I'm so sorry. I know that is a hard thing to watch your family go through. I will be praying for them!