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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Praise Jesus!

I was visiting Ms Shelby in ICU this morning...she is not expected to be in this world much longer. Even at this moment in her life...she is teaching. Fulfilling Matthew 28:19-20, she said the MOST amazing thing and teachable between moans and semi-consciousness she uttered many times..."Praise Jesus". It was more than I could take. To see her lifelessly praise our Saviour. I was so convicted. Y'all know it takes nothing more than a song or a simple precious baby to make me squall like one...well hospitals and funeral homes are no exception they get me at the doorway! In fact, one of my BFF's joke that I could be a paid parishioner at Parrish's cause you are guaranteed I will cry a river of tears for complete strangers! It has become almost funny at how predictable I fall apart at nothing. And this moment was so much more than nothing!

In 3 minutes I evaluated my entire many times have I looked at my current circumstances without uttering "Praise Jesus"? The 2x4 of Jesus whopping me up side the head was telling me that we should utter it continuously in health and happiness so that even in our sadness and despair and pain we will subconsciously instruct our mouth to praise Him. When we have nothing left in this world...we need our mind to continually say "Praise Jesus".

How many times do we only praise Him in good times, when we have an abundance, times of great harvest? But what do we say when times are tough, during the seed planting cycle, or when we come up short? Do we praise Him? The Bible tells us if we don't...the rocks will (Luke 19:40). It made me wonder...what will judgement be like for us when we stand before God and he reminds us that many times the rocks had to Praise Him because we did not? Suddenly, praising Him...even in the storm...took on new meaning...standing right there in Room 11 of JMC's ICU. I gave Him praise. And prayed He would continuously convict me!

Ms Shelby is such an awesome example of being so close to Jesus that even in our subconscious...He is all we think about!!!

Praise Him ladies...all the matter the circumstances!

In Him,

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