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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You can't make this stuff up!

Warning…this post is going to have very little to do with women’s ministry…but it might just give you a laugh…and allow you to thank God for your blessings! I felt like I should share so you see that my life has days just like everyone else’s…the good, the bad, and today was just plain ugly!

I learned a valuable lesson from God matter how ugly you melt down over your situation…eventually you have to stop crying long enough to Praise Him in your circumstance so He can show you how blessed you are despite the current situation. Normally I can see past my current circumstance by putting the needs/situations of others first and knowing that every situation is temporary and that I will survive it or see Jesus but either way I will be just fine. Normally I keep it together and in perspective fairly well…but this morning…I failed…miserably!

My mom and sister went to Duke yesterday for a doctor appointment. Mom called at 3:30 to tell me the appointment went well but the car would not crank in the parking garage. I tried to rent them a car from Enterprise but they would not let me pay on the phone…hello? I mean, really, you let people pay on the internet but in a crisis will not accept phone payment! I was stressing…I had to deliver supper to someone that had surgery and get my kids squared away since my hubby was out of town but would be able to leave Smithfield in about an hour. Mom decided to call my uncle to go get them because he was at home and did not have a family to tend to and she was ready to come home! While he is not exactly responsible, he was willing and able and she was happy he could leave right then! So he left at 3:45.

I dropped the meal off, got the kids and headed to my mother-in-law’s for supper…on the way at 6:15 I called to check on Mom thinking they should be almost home…but they had not seen my uncle yet!!! (Yes, we are getting him a track phone for his birthday in case you are wondering why we didn’t just call him to check on him). So I headed to Durham at 6:20. Turns out my uncle could not find them and finally gave up after 2 hours and went home...poor thing was exhausted and worried sick! Anyway We made it back in town to get Mom and my sister supper and pick up the kids by 8:45. The kids were fed, homework done and baths accomplished…have I mentioned I have the BEST in-laws ever???? And life was smooth again…

Until this morning…the kids and I decided to cheat and eat Bojangles on Wed (in addition to our Friday morning ritual)…but when I turned the key…nothing…my truck would not start! Seriously???? All of my neighbor’s were already gone so I called my mother-in-law (the Saint!!!) and she came to the rescue (again). Thankfully Travis had left his jumper cables in the barn this trip so together we hooked up the cables (talk about blind leading the blind) and the truck cranked right up! She offered to take the kids so I could get on to work.

But…when I started moving the gauges went crazy…like something out of Poltergeist…lights flashing and needles swinging. So when my hubby called to check on me he told me to either go back home or try to make it to the dealership. If you know my stubborn self you know I tried to make it. But at the stop sign getting on 70…it cut off and would do nothing…in the middle of the road (not the middle of 70 but bad enough to me)! So I called my mother-in-law squalling like a 2 year old and she came. I had just fallen slam apart…I could not even think straight.

The dealership towed the car in and I took my mother-in-law’s car to work. I got almost to Clayton and had to go back to Princeton to get Peyton…sick…hurting stomach…I am sure it was nerves because she normally does not see her mamma come unglued! Or maybe the expired milk in the fridge…but really…today???

At that point I realized…get over yourself and be thankful…Praise God I made it home from Durham before the car died…that would have been a bigger mess. Praise God I have a Saint for a mother-in-law. Praise God I am healthy and could have run home or even to Smithfield if I needed to (thanks running partner!!!). Praise God my work is so flexible to allow me to take vacation at an instant and to work at home as needed. Praise God for friends checking on me. Praise God for the two Hispanic men who got my car out of the road and made sure I was ok. They were so sweet. Praise God it was a beautiful day to stand beside the highway…not a cloud in the sky! And Praise God for good credit and for our little tax refund that was designated to clothe me with something that fits but can instead pay for towing and repairs (or at least I hope it covers it all!!) =)

So all I can say today is…praise Him ladies…big or small…praise Him in your current circumstance!

Praise Him if you have a car because I read somewhere (probably Radical) that you are more wealthy than like 90 something percent of the world…whether it runs or not! Praise Him if you can read this and you are healthy enough to laugh with me (or at me…I don’t care which…I have done both today myself). Praise Him if you are reading from work (we won’t tell) because you are employed and have a paycheck. Praise Him in all circumstances…so He doesn’t have to remind you…like He did me! Takes me back to my very first memory verse…

Ps 150:6 “Let EVERYTHING that has breath Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!”

Praising Him,
Kristy =)

*Please continue lifting up my friend Tammy in your prayers!


  1. Bless your heart! Such a strong woman to praise God in every situation!!
    Remember I'm right here...if you need a ride:)
    Love you!

  2. Bless your heart! Having family you can rely on is wonderful. Glad that everything worked out! :)


  3. girl....there was no strength in that situation except maybe the power of the 2x4 God used to pop me in the head!! =)

  4. I'm so glad that you are blessed with a great mother in law! I've got one myself - and they are a treasure!! Hope that you don't spend all your "clothing allowance" on car repairs and that you are able to get out for some "K" time! :)