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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beware...It's all about chicken and dogs!

It’s all about chicken…the next two days…are all about chicken! If you don’t have plans to attend the BBQ Chicken Fundraiser tomorrow…you’d better! It is a wonderful day of fun, fellowship, work, and good food! It all starts tonight…be at the church around 6pm to help out! We need lots of hands because despite the perception…it doesn’t just happen…haha! It takes a lot of prep work to prepare for cooking and serving 2600 chicken plates! But did I mention it is so much FUN???? I know that sounds stupid…but honestly, it is a long, hard day of unity and harmony. I just love it! And this year is going to be extra special…as I mentioned earlier this week…we have invited all our backpack buddy families to be our guests! I want you to join me now in praying that lives are touched through this experience. That the Holy Spirit will bless those 125 families and they will come and eat and see the love of Jesus shining so bright that if they don’t know Him…they want to!

Speaking of praying…my last scripture memory verse before I started posting them on here again was Phil 2:14-15 “Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” Today and tomorrow please pray this scripture over our church (and me specifically!). That tonight and tomorrow when the stress and the chaos ensues…we can do everything without grumbling and arguing and be the light of Jesus to any lost souls that He places in our path! We have always had such a Spirit-filled day in BBQ chicken land…and I want us to pray this year is no exception! We know satan is prowling (because 1 Peter 5:8 tells us!) seeking to destroy. Let’s be prayed up so that satan has no foothold in our harmony!

In other news (well not “news”…because most folks will not care)…I planted part of my garden so if you have been reading long you KNOW that will spark all grades of rambling about spiritual growth and other random thoughts from my head over the next several weeks…poor you…haha. This year I get a BIG garden (well not really but compared to my two 3x5 raised beds last year…it is HUGE! ha)! And I still plan to plant my precious tomato plants in the raised beds…I worked too hard digging out to level those suckers to let them sit idle!!!

But to make my new garden serene and peaceful the way I like it…I am going to have to buy something to deter barking from my neighbor’s dogs! They are driving me crazy! =) But they did make me think of walking with Jesus…I know it is a stretch…stick with me…how often do people hear me and it sound like a harsh, annoying, barking Doberman Pincher or Bulldog or Mutt (yes they have like 5 different breeds of them!!!)? I came to realize last night standing in my backyard wearing my brown rubber swamp boots with my green watering can and flashlight at 9:30…sometimes having a bunch of words to say is just like a barking dog that drives your neighbor crazy as she speaks to her strawberry plants in a loving tone and splashes water on them. (hmmmm…maybe I see who is already CRAZY…lol)

And if you haven’t noticed….I HAVE A BUNCH OF WORDS TO SAY!!!! So how do you draw the line between annoying or uplifting? Overbearing or encouraging? I mean for one example…a blog is completely about words…but do I use too many? And then there is normal conversations…do I use too many words then? I know my hubby thinks I use too many words at times! He said so at church last night! =)

So I pray this morning…Lord, show me how many words are just enough. Let me discern when to hush so I don’t sound like a barking dog!

Be a blessing, ladies and if you have any insights on the right amount of words…please share =) At least if you don’t want to hear me bark…you can hit the little x in the right top corner…haha

In Him,
Kristy =)

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