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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap and OT Lessons on Leadership

Ok so last night we missed church at WMBC. BUT…we went to our old church, Sanders Chapel UMC, to hear our friends Lance, Brian and Beth sing. They call themselves Sonrise…but I think they should be “Two Guys and a Girl with a really really BIG voice”! If you have never heard the three of them sing together…you need to hear it to believe it! It just makes the tears flow and the hands go up in praise to our King! I want them so badly to cut a cd!! You should absolutely book them at your church if you are visiting this site!

Also, I wanted to let you know that the BBQ Chicken Fundraiser turned out excellent! We still have money coming in but it looks like we will clear over $10,000 for our outside storage building fund. It was so much fun…the Holy Spirit showed up and things were harmonious…thank you for praying! It was very evident that prayers were sent up! I just LOVE that day each year!

This Sat at 10am is our annual Ladies Tea Party. It is my other favorite event! Not so sure why I was CRAZY enough to schedule them back to back…but such is life in the fast lane of serving God! Anyway…you are ALL invited…church member or not. We would love for you to come. Our guest speaker is from New Hope Pregnancy Center and I hear that her testimony is very touching. I can’t wait! And the food will be EXCELLENT! Mainly because I am not involved in the cooking…haha! Seriously…come and fellowship with us! There is no cost…just bring yourself and a guest if you’d like! Dress is anything you want it to be. Some folks dress up…I usually wear capris and sandals =) except last year when I was Lottie Moon and dressed Chinese! Don't you hate you missed that??? So come this never know what could happen at the Tea!

In other exciting news (well, probably not really exciting to you but humor me) I am reading in Joshua for the next week or so. I absolutely LOVE the book of Joshua! I know I say that about every other book of the Bible it seems…but I really like this one because it is such a lesson in leadership. Joshua turns out to be an excellent leader for God’s people. And when you think of the stress of that position…I mean Moses has been the leader basically FOREVER and ended up not being allowed to enter the Promised Land because the Israelites provoked him to sin in his anger at their disobedience and grumbling against the Lord. And now poor Joshua gets thrown in charge of these “challenging” people…can you imagine? It is hard enough to be the first leader…but to follow in the footsteps of another leader…and especially a GREAT leader…is absolutely mortifying! I know this one because I have lived it many times! And I wasn’t always nearly as successful as Joshua! But boy have I learned a lot about being humble and putting God first in EVERYTHING you do no matter the size from those experiences!! lol

Makes me wonder how many opportunities have I missed because I do not want to follow a great leader. I mean seriously…it is very intimidating to take over a position that someone has done very well. It is much easier to assume a position that did not exist or that someone did poorly because any amount of effort would be an improvement. =) Or at least that’s my thinking…haha

Fear of failure can be immobilizing. But how do we move passed it? You guessed it…SCRIPTURE MEMORIZATION…haha Maybe not what you guessed…but it has proven true to work for me!! Hard to be scared when you are constantly repeating things like Jer 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for *Kristy* declares the Lord, “plans to prosper *Kristy* and not to harm *Kristy*, plans to give *Kristy* hope and a future!” or Isa 41:13 “For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of *Kristy’s* right hand and says to *Kristy*, Do not fear; I will help you”. Etc…

So praise Him for His Word today…and then on Apr 15th…pick you out a verse and join us in the awesome blessing of scripture memorization!

Please say a special prayer for my friend Tammy and her family. She is facing chemo round #2 tomorrow at 9am! Thanks girls!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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