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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

His Words

I hope all of you are having a blessed week. As usual…it is crazy busy around the Gardner homestead. Travis has been volunteering (with the Baptist Men) until way past dark since Saturday so me and the kids have been running rampant until way past dark! lol Maybe tonight we will get in bed before too late! Mornings have been bumpy due to lack of sleep! And then I have to wake the kids up…haha

How was your weekend? I cannot wait to get my copy of the Easter Drama from Sunday. I missed it because I was in nursery. I hear it will blow my socks off…so I will be sure to watch it barefoot! If you missed it too, let me know and I will pass along my dvd when I finish watching it.

I also cannot wait until this Sunday! My little one, Caleb, is getting baptized! Praise the Lord! What makes it even more special is if you have been coming to church for over a year then you are aware we all wrote down three initials and have been praying for their lost souls this entire time. And we were supposed to invite them on Easter Sunday to the service where they will hear the Gospel preached. Well…I was worried that my 3 would not come mainly because it was a holiday service and every time we invite them to a special service it is very long and they complain. So I prayed earnestly for God to make a way for them to come even though the service will be longer than normal. Can I tell you that the day Caleb accepted Christ, God whispered “done” to me???? My 3 are all coming to see Caleb!!!! If not for the baptism I am certain they would not do it! Praise Him for His timing!

And of course Easter Sunday will be complete with Beth singing My Redeemer. My favorite part of that amazing song is at the end when she sings “and I know that I know that I know that I know”. Part of that “knowing that you know” is from a relationship that you cultivate with Jesus. Salvation is so much more than a walk down the aisle for fire insurance. The relationship that evolves over time is priceless. And I just don’t know how to get that through to people. There are so many church goers that I am afraid have missed out. They went through the motions of salvation without a change in their heart. And while they may have eternal life…I don’t think they will have it “to the full”.

So many people attend church but never go deeper. They are surface Christians at best. They never cultivate that relationship to know Jesus intimately. Part of that process is spending time in His Word. In Bible Study Sunday night…Beth Moore said something that I almost squealed over. She said “Do you know the Word of God, or do you KNOW some of His words?” Because…by now y’all know that I think there is a HUGE difference!

Are you in His Word???? Do you KNOW some of His Words????

Bless someone this week…if you don’t know anyone to bless, go to Four Oaks to Cornerstone Baptist and tell them to put you to work. I hear that Micro has a lot of help but that Four Oaks needs people…

Pray for our service on Sunday...pray for lost souls to come to know my Jesus!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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