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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exciting Women's Ministry Recap!!

It seems like forever since I posted anything! And for once…there has been some exciting true Women’s Ministry stuff to report on (as opposed to my normal crazy ramblings!)! lol =)

Some of the GA’s and Acteens and several women went to Cornerstone Baptist in Four Oaks to help with lunch on Friday (4/22) for the volunteers working in the tornado stricken area. We had an absolute blast! The girls worked hard deboning chicken and separating pastry. After all of the cooking was done they provided an impromptu concert that lit up the place! It was awesome! I will try and post pictures soon. It was especially neat to get to serve our own (wmbc) crew that was working in the heat. Some of us ladies even went back on Saturday to help again…because once you participate…you cannot stay away. Mr. Dave has said that a lot of times about volunteering with the Baptist Men Disaster Relief Team, but I guess I thought he felt that way because he was “called” for it while I was not. I know that I am called to Women’s Ministry and mentoring. BUT…oh my goodness…he is SOOOO right! My calling has not changed, but I will absolutely JUMP at the chance to volunteer with Baptist Men again. The feeling from helping someone is that overwhelming…you cannot wait to feel it again.

And I cannot tell you the absolute humbling feeling when volunteers who are tired and worn out from cutting trees, hauling debris and Lord only knows what else…thanks you for a cold drink and a meal. I mean really…we were just pouring tea but they were so grateful! It brought tears to my eyes (surprise surprise). It truly puts a lot of things into perspective! My 10 year old, Peyton, made the comment that every child her age should come see the destruction because then they would surely appreciate what they have at home. And she is right… we are so blessed and personally I feel like I take so much in life for granted! I echo her statement that even all the “children” MY age should go see! Not to gawk or stare in any kind of disrespect but to realize how temporary this life we live truly is! I tell my children all the time that this life and everything in it is temporary and they better focus on the prize in heaven because at the end of the day that is the ONLY thing that matters. It is easy to say that but much harder to live it out daily. I would love prayers in this area! =)

In Four Oaks and the other surrounding areas there will be much work to rebuild in the future once the immediate effort is complete. I am sure we will all have plenty of opportunity to serve. I encourage you to seek that opportunity whenever possible. If your church does not participate…I can hook you up with our church to serve. Just let me know if you are interested.

SPEAKING OF SERVING…well maybe not exactly serving…but more giving sacrificially and with a cheerful heart… =) We need desperate help with Backpack Buddy food!!! I didn’t say this in the mass email sent on Monday although I really wanted to. You see, Sunday we celebrated the fact that Jesus is ALIVE because we know that the tomb is empty. Well here is the thing….unfortunately our Backpack Buddy bins on Sunday looked just like the tomb…EMPTY!!!!

Please please please bring Backpack Buddy food ASAP.

Here is a list of weekly items we need:
Chef Boyardee type cans
Ramein Noodle type packs (i.e. Oodles of Noodles)
Individual Fruit Cups or applesauce
Individual boxes of cereal
Boxes of Individually packaged Oatmeal or Grits
Granola bars, pudding cups, gummy snacks
Juice Boxes

Thanks for all you do to support our church mission projects! Being the hands and feet of Jesus is hard at times and not very rewarding on earth, but the reward awaits us when He calls us home or returns. And I feel so humbled and blessed to be living at “a time such as this”... serving in His Name alongside of you all!!! Praise Him!

In Him,
Kristy =)

PS - We still need scarves if anyone can crochet or knit them. They are for the cancer center. Many of you know my friend Tammy that has pancreatic cancer and one of the chemo drugs requires her to keep a scarf handy in case she encounters cold air or cold fluids. She has to wrap her throat up to prevent the sensation of it closing in. (Or something like that…sorry but I am not very medically inclined!) So if you can make scarves…PLEASE DO! If you want to learn, I think the next class at church is the first Sat in May…I will ask Denise to run in the bulletin for certain.

Be a blessing today….and remember IT IS CHURCH NIGHT!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! See ya there =)

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