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Thursday, April 8, 2010

It is almost Party Time!!

I absolutely LOVE a party. Granted it needs to be a party where everything said or done builds up people and gives God glory. The kind of parties that you want to have pictures of to share and not the kind of party where you would D-I-E if anyone from church actually saw the pictures. It needs to be parties where everyone feels welcome and comfortable with the atmosphere...where Jesus could sit at the table and enjoy the conversation. Those parties in today's world are hard to find. I think hospitality is my favorite spiritual gift...unfortunatley God gifted me first with Leadership, then with Administration, and sadly Hospitality came in third! haha.

Sorry...I digress...back to the topic...Anyway...the tea party is coming quickly and it has potential to be the best one yet! I am so excited about it. It is my favorite party of the year. This year God led us to a theme that is just going to be awesome! And our travelling visitors are going to be great to listen to and get to know better.
If you are free, be sure to come Saturday, April 17 at 10am and check it out for yourselves!
Have a great week!
In Him,

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  1. hope y'all have fun at the tea party... no tax discussions necessary :)