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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Proverbs 31:30 and Praise Songs...

OK...this is random and the first part is totally unrelated to Women's Ministry...BUT I want to update my ipod because I bought a $10 cord that plugs into my car and now I can hear it on my speakers!!!! Ok yes I know I am WAYYYYY behind in technology but so thrilled to have found it and for $10! I expected to pay much more...which is why I have not looked for one So...I need your help. Give me your top 5 or so Praise and Worship/Christian/Gospel songs please!

Now for the Women's Ministry related tidbit for today...On the back of our WM shirts we sport one of my favorite scriptures...Proverbs 31:30 "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. " Long before it became one of my favorite verses...before I honestly had read a single verse in a Bible I always used the phrase "pretty is as pretty does". I taught it to Peyton when she was barely 2. People thought I was nuts...(some things will never change I suppose...) but I figured she needed to learn early in life that pretty looks and ugly behavior still reflected UGLY because it doesn't matter what's on the is what is on the inside that matters in life. She got it fairly quickly and when she would act up as a toddler I would say firmly "pretty is..." and she would tuck her head and say "pretty does" and behave (granted this never worked with Folks in Walmart would think we were from outer spacce but I did not care because I was teaching a life lesson without screaming at her. Of course, back then I did not associate "Pretty is as Pretty does" with living as scriptural persay, but recently I can draw the association to beauty fleeting (outer "Pretty" is temporary) and charm deceptive (inner "pretty" should be doing RIGHT in Christ). And now when I watch the news at 10pm I wonder why other folks could not teach their children the same simple concept...can you imagine the world if no one looked at "Pretty" as a description of an outer appearance but instead as a description of the person's heart? How different would the news be???? I bet shorter because they would have less drama and trauma to report!

Carrying the verse further...once I became obssessed with reading my Bible and books by Elizabeth George...I often pondered...what does it mean to "fear the Lord"? I mean it is placed startegically throughout the Old and New testaments so I figure I'd better "get it" because it must be important to repeat so often. I am not sure what the current view is from theologists, but I decided to me it meant to fear the Lord the way I want my children to fear me. When I tell my kids to do something I expect them to do it because they do not want to face the wrath of Mommy. I don't care if they WANT to do it as long as they DO IT! I tell them all the time that they do not have to like me or my rules they just need to fear me and my consequences and then they can like me when they are 30! There is a large difference between liking someone and loving someone...and for now I only care that they love me enough to respect (and fear if that's what it takes) me. So I think that is how God wants me to behave. I think He wants me to do anything He tells me because I do not want to face the consequences of disobedience. I think that is why there are so many examples of disobedience and the wrath that ensues...Old Testament as well as New Testament. I think as women we are called to be obedient in following God's direction whether we "like it or not". I think God wants us to love Him enough that we don't even hesitate to follow Him. I don't think He necessarily cares if we like the direction He is sending us =) Just "GO and DO" is what He tells me daily!!! Of course He throws an're talking "it" to death..."BE STILL AND KNOW"! haha

So tell us...what are your top 5 songs, and what does "fear the Lord" mean to you personally...there are no right or wrong answers. God speaks to everyone differently. I would love to hear your insights as I'm sure they are more grounded than my craziness!

OK...have a Jesus Filled Week and I'll see you back for Scripture Memory Day on April 1st! no fooling!

In Him,


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  1. Hey Kristy,

    I got this yesterday but did not have the time to respond till now. Picking your top 5 worship/praise songs is difficult so I just reviewed the songs that were on my MP3 player and choose my 5 favorites from it. I know that the next time I listen to it I will figure out I forgot one. Oh Well...Here they are.
    Awesome God
    In Christ Alone
    More than Enough
    Who Am I?
    The Voice of Truth - my all time favorite (for now)

    As for fearing God, I think we should all fear Him. He is our creator, Lord, King,and Judge. I know he loves me, corrects me, guides me, molds me, wants to bop my head sometimes and probably put me in time out. I know that He has all power and strength and could use it at any time. I get scared sometimes when people use His name in vain or when they take His purpose lightly. I pray that I don't do something that would detract from God's light in me. I love Him So - More each day. My fear creates reverence, respect, love, and praise for my God. I wouldn't want to serve a weak God! I think of when Jesus drove the people out of the temple. That was righteous anger that I hope is never directed at me but I believe God could strike it He needed to and perhaps He does. Psalm 1:7 says The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge. (I had to look that up but I knew it was there).

    Thanks Kristy for your posts. If no one else is blessed by them - I am. They brighten my day!
    Love Ya - My Sister from a different Mister (got that from Misty)