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Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday y'all!
I am so glad this week is drawing to a close. It has been crazy at work and I am just flat tired! But also mainly because I am ready for Sunday! I can't wait to be back at church to worship with my husband! Worshipping at Caswell with the ladies is ALWAYS an awesome experience...but there is something about being with my hubby that makes it even better! We also have the first Eagle Scout Ceremony from our Boy Scout Troop on Sunday! That is so cool...I encourage you to come if you dont have anything going on. It starts at 3pm and I hear it is going to be a rather impressive ceremony!
I finished the John Ortberg book I was telling some of you about. It was very good...he is so funny and sort of sarcastic which makes it easy for me to read...haha. Anyway, in the end there was a quote that I just LOVED...(he is speaking of Jesus's heart)..."when the church understood His heart , it became a community like nothing else the world has ever seen". Oh how I want to get to the place where I truly understand the heart of Jesus. I want the world to see more of Him and less of me in my daily living. I want the demons to tremble when they hear me wake up in the mornings. And I want Jesus to yell like my daddy watching the Panthers score when I step out of the boat and tell someone what Jesus has done in my life. I want to be the Jesus people see in a dark and miserable world. I know many of you want that too! We need to be sure to encourage each other every chance we have the opportunity. Together we can grow into the ladies God wants us to be! Alone we can't. Men don't understand that women need other women to grow with! Men tend to grow in seclusion but women can't. We need each other as much as flowers need sunlight and water!
I truly believe that when we all start living as a community that always seeks Jesus first in all of our daily living...we will be a community like nothing the world has ever seen! Look out we come! Seek Him Him!
Y'all have a wonderful weekend! I love you all!
In Him,
Kristy =)

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