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Friday, June 24, 2011

Self-Disciplne...lately I lack it =(

So yesterday I decided to FINALLY get around to going through my entire scripture memory binder to make sure I was still retaining them all. I was sorely disappointed in myself. The first 24 I learned I could still spout out like nobody’s business. The second 24 I struggled a bit. And this year’s 12 were rough to say the least. So I made a commitment to get back to the ways of the first 24. The reason I still know them so well is because once per week I said them all…rarely missing a week. But now that there are so many and it takes a longer amount of time to say them…so I make up excuses for lack of time and I get lazy…and it shows! I tell myself that I will review them in line at the grocery store since I go there weekly…but…I shop at Princeton Food Lion and in 4 years I have waited in line maybe 2 times…or maybe even only once. So needless to say…I am lying to myself that I will find time at the gro-sto!!! I need to get to the root of the lack of memory skills…self-discipline!

It is amazing how lack of self-discipline can be so disastrous in so many areas of my life and most times I do not address or correct the situation because then I would have to accept responsibility for whatever is going wrong…and I’d rather ignore it or blame it on someone else. =) (just being honest!!) So I spend time making excuses and justifying my inability to do whatever I need to do and never own up that it is something totally controlled by ME! Anyone with me? If I would instead exercise a little self-discipline and just do the thing I try to avoid or avoid accountability for…life would be simpler.

Yeah…that got a little rambly…do you get the point? Actually I might have lost it myself. *grin*

I guess the cliff notes version is that so many things in life require just a little self-discipline and after you exercise it…God will bless that act of self-discipline (i.e. obedience) beyond your wildest imagination…but lots of times we miss the blessings because we lack self-discipline. And there is no one to blame but US!

Take daily Bible reading for example…y’all know that is a hot one for me. In the last 4 years as I have steadily read through the Bible using a daily reading guide…God has made those scripture take on new life and used the stories in my life in ways I could never explain. If I had not exercised a little self-discipline and stayed true to the reading (even on days/weeks I wanted to just STOP and read something more exciting than Deuteronomy or as this week…1 Chronicles!)…I would have MISSED so many blessings...and some in the form of witness opportunities…which provides a double blessing (one for me and another person)!

So I will try a new approach to my scripture refreshing method…the ride home from work EVERY Friday afternoon. It might get a little dangerous these first weeks while I am having to cheat and read some of them…so look out between Clayton and Princeton. But Friday afternoon is a consistent time alone for 20 minutes…so I dedicate it to scripture refreshing…ask me how I am doing in a few weeks...please and thank you!

What is something you lack self-discipline in that you can practice with me???? I’ll hold you accountable if you hold me accountable =)

Be a blessing ladies!!!

In Him,
Kristy =)

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