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Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all you Mama's out there! Here's a few of my favorite things about moms...being one and also having one! Feel free to share yours whether you are a mom or not!
  • Mom always knows where the object being frantically searched for can be located regardless of the last time anyone else "touched" it.
  • Mom can do math homework, fold clothes, wash dishes and cook supper all at the same time.
  • Mom can walk 3 miles for exercise, do back flips on the trampoline and then beat a 6 year old roller blading the length of the 2 hours flat :)
  • Mom is scared to death of a mouse but will kill a poisonous snake with a shovel to protect her children.
  • Mom knows who is telling the truth by the look on their face!
  • Mom deals out punishment and then loves on you!

In short, Mom can be everything to everyone and never get tired of it...but at 9pm don't mess with Mom until the Bible closes!

Have a great weekend!

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