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Monday, May 24, 2010

TV Challenge

Several of you have asked me why I essentially gave up the majority of my tv watching. It's kind of a funny story. It happened several years ago when Vicki Brown and I attended a retreat. It was literally at the "end of the earth"...the 4 lane highway stopped and there was a field...I kid you not...I still laugh about hearing Vicki on the phone with Tim saying "Kristy has brought me to the end of the earth...literally the end of the earth" Anyway, the trip got funnier throughout. When we got to the small church there were all of 40-50 people in attendance (I had told her it was a huge conference...I am so naive!)and the youngest person next to us was probably 60 or better. We got some funny looks when we entered the building! But the speakers were clearly delivering a God sent message directly to ME!
TW Hunt spoke...he had to be 70. He was good, but I don't remember much of his speech. And Chris Schofield spoke...that was the first time I heard him and he made a lasting impression. I have driven many miles to hear him speak since then. But it was Gregg Frizzell who won the toe stomping award. He delivered a powerful message and then dropped the bomb shell...he said "if you cannot watch a tv program with the pastor in the living room without blushing, then you should not be watching it at all". I will never forget it. It was like the proverbial 2x4 had whopped me in the head. I know it should not have been that impressive. We are told over and over in the Bible to live our lives knowing that Jesus sees every move we make...but there was something about the pastor that made it more real at the time. It was partly my spiritual immaturity that made it so shocking to imagine and probably because as the time I had NEVER read the entire Bible...but whatever the case...IT WORKED!
I won't lie to you...there are VERY few tv programs I could watch with Billie or Tim and not blush or twitch. I immediately gave up most everything except ESPN Sportscenter! My friends thought I was from outer space...still do I would imagine! And sometimes I try hard to sit in the living room with my family on occasion but most nights I end up leaving after a few minutes of tv surfing and grab a book. I just get so convicted. Some of you know I am an avid reader. but what NONE of you probably know is that I did not used to fact I hated reading in school. But ever since that sermon I started reading every Christian Living book I could get my hands on. I wanted desperately to make Jesus smile instead of shake His holy head in aggravation. And I truly believe it has to be a never ending process. In fact, I hope I read Christian Living books until He returns or calls me home! I figure if I keep my nose in a book I will stay out of trouble...just like our children...if they stay in school and study they are less likely to fall in with the wrong crowd and get in trouble.
Currently, I am reading Chase the Wild Goose (or something like that) by Mark Batterson and he said he took a 40 day fast from tv when his spiritual life got into a rut. He said it was life changing for him. Most folks say " I don't have TIME to read". I argue that you don't have TIME to NOT read!! Mark Batterson says "it's amazing how much time you have to read when you turn off the tv".
So I challenge you...take just a 7 day fast from tv. You don't have to go anti-tv, fanatic, crazy like fact I don't recommend it because people will think you are very WEIRD! Seriously, just set aside some time each day to give up something on tv and read something Christian related will be AMAZED at the perspective you gain. I have a Bible Reading Guide if you are interested in trying 15 minutes a day in God's Word (to read the Bible in a year), or I have tons of Christian Living books that have blessed my socks off and I would love to share! Either way...try it...what do you have to lose? If you don't feel closer to Christ or receive a blessing, you can ALWAYS catch the re-runs this summer...hahaha
Happy Reading!
Kristy =)


  1. Hey Kristy, I knew you would appreciate this so here goes. I used your blog tonight in GA's we had a discussion about inappropriate words. One GA commented to another that a word she said should not be said in God's house. I agreed but I asked them to think about it. Should they EVER say anything they would not feel comfortable saying in God's house. Does it matter where they are at? I told them about your post here and asked, Would you say that if Pastor Billie was standing beside them? Then took it even further to ask Would they say it if Jesus were beside them? Of course the answers changed and ears were open (yay) Lisa Baker and myself at that point reminded them that Jesus is always present. He hears exactly what we say wherever we may be. So thanks for the teaching point.
    As for the TV, I don't actually watch that much TV. I usually find myself doing something else just simply because Maggie and David control two of the TV's in our house. Yes, we have 3 but I really don't have but a few programs that I would watch if I could. Your post did get me thinking. When I do watch I need to be more mindful of what it is I am watching and what my daughter is watching. We recently bought the movie Footloose because she was singing that song in the Showcase of Stars. We watched it but I was a little taken aback by some of the scenes. I didn't remember some of the things they showed being portrayed that way. And kinda wished I hadn't bought it. It has nothing to do with the theme. I don't view dancing as wrong but it was the actions and the language. I think when you connect with God, he points these things out and convicts you of them. Thanks again for your posts. They are being used in all kinds of ways.

  2. That is awesome Tammy! I am glad the blog could help you with an example to teach.

    And I know exactly what you mean...I was watching Tom and Jerry with the kids thinking it was a good wholesome cartoon unlike today's cartoons...and Jerry was drunk as a skunk! And it was an episode I remembered as a kid but I sure did not remember Jerry staggering with bubbles! I guess at 8 I had a different perspective.

    Thanks for sharing!