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Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

Hey Ladies,

I am still on a cloud after the amazing day yesterday. My spirit was so stirred I could barely fall asleep last night...but I was so physically exhausted that my mind finally surrendered. This weekend was just awesome...that is the only word I can find to describe it.
We had a basketball game we cheered for that went into overtime and my neighbor through up a last ditch half court shot when down by 2 points and we won because she got credit for a 3point! The cheerleaders remembered their dance even though its been forever since our last game due to the snow. And then church...there is so much to say about church!!!

I was pleasantly surprised! The speakers were so funny...and so much like everybody else. I would call them normal...BUT...I'm reading "Everybody's Normal - Until You Get to Know Them" by John Ortberg and I have discovered that we are all actually WEIRD!!! Anyway, they had the same struggles and victories as the rest of us. For example, during lunch Cheryl and I compared "boy" stories...she has a "caleb" too! And she has also dished many spankings in the church bathroom in her I hope everyone enjoyed the seminars. I can't wait to see the dvd's. I'll let you know when I hear they are available...maybe we can do a showing with snacks...haha

AND I have concluded that our choir is unbelievable...I mean just absolutely unbelievable. Me and the baby buggy kids jammed out in the corner (I hope we were not too much of a distraction!). Travis and I have determined that we are "barely Baptist". It so wonderful to be able to worship how we feel led without concern of judgment by others. And face it...that Amy can just flat sing! She is so blessed as is the rest of the choir. Our entire church is just so blessed with talent. Praise God for everything He equips us with. Without Him we would be nothing...maybe even lower than nothing. I hope we never forget that it is HIM and not us that make our church what it is today, tomorrow, and forever. To Him be the Glory!

I love and appreciate you ALL! Keep shining His light! Share your thoughts on the weekend events!

His Servant,

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  1. Sunday was awesome and the spirit was truly wrapped around the whole day. From the services to the classes, God was in control. I definitely look at my job in a whole new light. It's not work it is worship. WOW!!! I took one of the classes led by Sidney and have always had the knowledge that God sees everything we do. He is everywhere and he knows everything and there isn't anything we can hide from him. I learned that in Children's Church long ago but in this class he worded it a little different. What if God came to you in a dream and told you He was coming to earth to live in your body, to be you. What would he think of our relationships with our families, our friends, our neighbors, etc. What if he went to work as me and checked my computer, read my emails, listened to my voice mail and talked with my coworkers? What if he then went to the grocery store or anywhere for that matter as Me? What a convicting thought and I don't consider myself a bad person but am I as Christ like as I need to be in every part of my life. I need to review every aspect of my life. I know he is watching, and the spirit is in me everday but wow this imagery made it more alive and definitely makes my daily walk more alive. I need to hold the mirror that is His word even more frequently and to ensure that I live for and please Christ everyday. I hope everybody shares on this one. I like you want to see all the tapes. I couldn't take the a class during Sunday School so I only took 2 and had a hard time choosing then...I wanted to take them all.