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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Shawl Ministry...who would have thought!

I have a confession...I absolutely LOVE the Prayer Shawl Ministry (i'll refer to it as PSM because I am too lazy to type the whole name). You see...when I was a little girl I thought the coolest person on earth was my Granny Capps. She was a God-fearing, Bible Toting, Biscuit Making, Switch Bearing, Pea Shelling, Apron Wearing, Firm but Loving old woman whom I thought hung the sun and moon. I spent much time with her since my parents birthed me while they were mere babies themselves! She kept me for a whole year while they finished high school. And then countless days after that because I'd rather be at Granny's than home! Especially during and after the divorce!

Well, when I was probably 25 or so she had to give up crocheting because her eyes were bad and her hands were tired. So one day she gave me her crochet needle and her final started afghan. I had always showed interest but honestly at the time could have cared less. So it sat in my closet for almost 10 years. And then the craziest thing happened the year before last. We needed a present for the girls at the House of Hope and Leslie Jordan came up with the idea to crochet scarves for the girls. She taught several of us at a WOM meeting. I brought Granny's needle to learn with. It was the craziest thing...but it was addicting. It was mindless yet challenging, relaxing and therapeutic. Fast forward a little to that Christmas (08)...I made Granny a lap blanket (too big and crooked as all get out) with her needle. I gave it to her and she was stunned. I think she thought I hired someone to make it...until I showed her the needle. It was a sweet moment in time...she was so proud of me I could tell in her eyes. I felt weird kind of humble yet full of a blessing that I don't know how to describe. Some of you know that she died this past summer, and when we went to her house after we left the hospital...there on the foot of her bed was the lap blanket. I knew then that it meant more to her than anything I had ever given her (except great grandchildren of course!).

I say all of this because today we delivered the scarves to the cancer center...and I saw that "look" again on the faces of the staff and the patients and the doctor. The look Granny had when she realized I had not purchased a gift but made one for her out of love and sweat and time (little did she know the TEARS that went along with it You see everyone eventually learns that TIME is the most precious treasure we have here on earth. It is short and gets shorter by the minute. We don't know how much we have left and yet we waste so much of it so often. And sadly we miss the blessings as we go through life so fast. I think that is why I like to makes me sit with my family and listen and talk to them at times I normally would be doing something else. Granted I am multi-tasking and I know that is probably not the best quality of family time...but most of you also know I am so ADHD that I can't sit and do one thing without getting this helps me of! I feel like it slows me down just a little...and like when I am waiting at ball practice I love to tell the kids that stare at me like I'm 99 that I am making things for others because I love Jesus and that is just what I do with my spare time...give it Jesus. Now that I think about does not help that Peyton sits waaaaayyyy down the bleacher and calls me loudly "the strange old lady whom I do not know but would like a ride home with"...the Gardner Freak Show...that is me!

So anyway in this really "no point post"...I wanted to tell you that I love the PSM and I hope you will support it in the months to come. I am so excited about the baby hats we are making next. If you want to learn, Ms Lorrene will hold classes the next few Saturdays at 10am. If you don't want to learn but want to be blessed through this some yarn and give to a worker; then encourage the worker along as we go.

Love you ladies!
PS - How are your verses coming???? Admitedly, mine is a struggle and I think I scared a little boy at the ENT office yesterday =) yes...the Gardner Freak Show; that is me!


  1. Kristy, I made Maggie a scarf and when she wore it to school I asked her if anyone noticed it. She said yes that someone asked her if her grandmother made it. She told them no my mom did....she is very talented, she sings in the choir. LOL - I loved it!!

  2. Aw...I am glad that I could help spread the love. :) It is a great stress reliever for me because for that time I am sitting there I am focused on that one thing instead of the other 800,000 things going on in my brain. Most of which is mindless self-chatter anyway. A moment of honesty here is that I wish I had learned this earlier in life so I could have shared it with my mom. I think it would have been a great thing to do during the long waits for chemo treatments and something to do when waiting to feel better. She had some rough days but in respect to how we don't know what time we miss till its gone those are so true. I look back know and wish I would have just sat around with her longer in my life, not just when she was sick but everyday. It is true that you don't know just how much you love someone until they are gone. The thing that pushes me through the rough days are knowing I will see her again. I know she'll be looking for me when its my time and it will be a great reunion. I have said I hope to see her first, after Jesus of course. :)
    Anyway that was a bit of rambling.