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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Greetings from across the pond!

Hey Y'all,
I am in denmark for my new job. It is going very well. I have seen a lot of amazing things and gotten enough rest and decent food to eat. I was really worried about the food...haha

I won't lie though...I miss home! The weekend has been hard. During the week you are so focused on work and learning and networking that the days go quickly...but the weekend has been kind of long. I am ready for Monday (thought I'd never say that!).

I have been able to find American tv shows to watch sporatically, but a lot of it is trash. So I listen to the voices and then move Yesterday I had a coworker tour me around Copenhagen but today I have explored on my own. This morning I walked to an old church. The service was starting but I was afraid to go in because 1) I would not know anything they were saying and 2) what if it was like a 4 hour service and I was in there not understanding anything with no way to sneak out! haha

Anyway, I decided to walk through the garden. It was a cemetary for family plots. It was unlike anything I have seen in America. Each one was manicured with a hedge around it with paths cut through it like you see in a movie. I took some pictures. I will share later.

Hope everyone has a great week...I am off to more Sunday School lesson time with Beth Moore =)

In Him,
Kristy =)

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  1. Hey Kristy,
    You have been on my mind the last couple of days. I asked Valerie at church last night if she had heard from you and if you were o.k. Then I got home and saw this post. Hope you and Beth Moore had a good Sunday School lesson. Have fun over there! Don't forget your way back home. I know your kids and Travis miss you. As well as the ladies at WMBC. See you when you return. Love ya Sis....Tammy